Leadership Unlimited Advisory Board Chairs will help expand reach and impact of program

The Leadership Unlimited Advisory Board fosters connections amoung alumni while stewarding the growth and sustainability of the core program.

The Events Committee provides ideas and guidance on planning alumni events and experiences. The Program Development Committee oversees the active and incoming LU classes. Committee members provide insight on recruitment and acceptance of new participants, make recommendations on class projects, and review program days for effectiveness.

Two Leadership Unlimited alumni have volunteered to lead these efforts.

Christen Dingess, LU Advisory Board Events Committee Chair

Company: Schmidt Security Pro

Role: Director of Sales & Marketing

LU Class: 2022

What are you hoping to accomplish through the LU Advisory Board? I want to keep supporting this program. I hope others can have similar experiences and takeaways that our class had. I also want to expand the reach of the program to keep the experience going after graduation.

Why should LU alumni get involved in the advisory board and/or attend events? I believe the LU alumni are really interesting and innovative people. Whenever I spend time with these individuals, I am inspired and intrigued by their stories. I believe unique opportunities are going to evolve organically through engagement with the alumni. It’s going to be exciting to see how the program evolves and the future impact created in our community. Why not be a part of that?!?

How would you describe your LU experience? Awesome! I met so many inspiring people. I enjoyed forming connections with classmates and also gaining insight into the community. Prior to LU, my knowledge of what our community has to offer was very limited. It was refreshing to hear about all the good things that are happening and to meet the people involved!

In what ways to do feel more equipped and connected after graduating from LU? I feel like I’m more aware of what Richland County has to offer. I can point people in directions that help them get what they are looking for whether it’s related to health, wellness, employment resources, education, entertainment, recreation, you name it…we have something for everyone.

Fun fact about me. Last year, I participated in the Springtime Surprise runDisney Challenge at Walt Disney World. I ran a 5k, 10k, and 10-mile race in one weekend. This was my biggest accomplishment since becoming a runner when I turned 50 in 2019!

Mary Frankenfield, LU Advisory Board Program Development Committee

Company: Mansfield Richland County Public Library

Role: Deputy Director

LU Class: 2017

What are you hoping to accomplish through the LU Advisory Board? I hope to be able to give back and ensure that LU remains a top-tier leadership program that is responsive to the community and effects positive change.

Why should LU alumni get involved in the advisory board and/or attend events? I think there is great benefit to keeping in touch with your LU class and getting to know those in other classes. We have all gone through a common experience and it is fun and beneficial to maintain that connection. Additionally, it’s easy to come away from LU excited about what you have learned and accomplished but then get dragged back into the business of the day to day in your career. Getting involved in the advisory board and attending events helps to keep that spark of connection and knowledge alive and continuing to grow. 

How would you describe your LU experience? It was eye opening. Even having lived here most of my life, I learned so much about my community! I also made connections that helped me become more of an active contributor to the community through serving on the boards and committees of various organizations.

In what ways to do feel more equipped and connected after graduating from LU? I met so many wonderful people through LU, people who I still feel connected to today! I also have a broader understanding of the many aspects of Richland County – helping organizations and agencies; education at all levels; destinations, sights to see, and fun things to do; businesses and industry; and much more. This understanding and knowledge has helped me to make connections and spot opportunities for partnerships that I would not otherwise have had. 

Fun fact about me. I have a long-standing hobby of singing and acting. I’ve been involved in local theater for about 25 years, acting at the Richland Academy (my very first acting experience), the Mansfield Playhouse, the Mansfield Renaissance Theater, and the OSU-Mansfield theater!